What I Look Forward To Doing SPRING 2014!

rose bushI’m so excited that Spring is right around the corner!  I’ve been helping my mom prune rose bushes in our garden.  When we get more garden tools and supplies we will finish cleaning up the garden, and then we can start planting some herbs and flowers.  I’m so happy and excited about it all!

Since we moved I’m made a few new friends too!  There’s April and Mikyah, Fanta and her sister, and TJ.  We talk and play tennis, and when my brothers come outside, we play soccer with them.  We also ride our bikes and scooters.

My brothers and I have really gotten into playing soccer!  We like it so much that we go out on days that are even cool and rainy…one day it was even snow outside and we played in the street for a little while…lol.

playing soccer tennis racket

I’m also looking forward to visiting Killen’s Pond state park, and having sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! And of course there are the Icey’s that my father buys and lot’s of ICE CREAM…yum!

I Was Nominated for a Liebster Blog Award!


I was nominated for a Liebster Blog award by Amelia Grace…so cool! Here I go:

1. Plaid or Stripes?

2. What do you hate?
Flies. They are very annoying.

3. Favorite thing to bake?

4. Mountain hike or Beach?

5. Favorite thing to blog about?
Lately, reviewing favorite television shows.

6. Favorite hairstyle to wear?
Used to be locs, but now it’s corn braids as soon as I get the rest of my locs picked out.

7. Most embarrassing childhood memory?
When I accidentally caused my friend to almost fall off of her bike and she was very upset.

8. Seaworld or Disneyland?
I would like to visit Disneyland, but haven’t gone yet.

9. Twitter or Instagram?

10. Television or Internet?

11. Favorite childhood show that you used to watch?
Winnie the Pooh

Here are people I nominated so far…:  (for some reason I’m having problems commenting on blogs on Blogger.  I have to figure it out.)

1. LemCh the Blogger
2. Briere’s Journey
3. Cyboy World


My Favorite Television Show

My favorite TV show is Lab Rats! I really like the show because it cool action and adventure. It’s about three teenage children who have bionics, and they try to beat Marcus the bad guy who is actually an android. The three teenage children have a dad, but he was going to turn them into bionic soldiers and try and take over the world.

Mr. Davenport takes the children, and keeps them safe so his brother (the three children’s father) won’t get them.

My siblings and I watched the two seasons on Netflix, and can’t wait for the third season.

It’s cool so if you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out! 🙂





My Artsy Binoculars

Look at the art I made this Saturday! I used a finished paper roll and cut it in half, and taped the pieces together. Then picked my colors and began the funnest part, painting!

I think it came out great and I’m going to keep it as a model and use it when I go out in the summer time.







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